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Footprints on an Island - Rediscovering Pulau Ubin - Winner of Silver medal, Nautilus Book Awards, 2016-2017.

Book was produced by NParks and launched in June 2016

RAINFOREST IN A CITY - Winner of Silver medal at Nautilus Book Awards 2015, Winner of Bronze medal at IPPY and Honorable Mention at Green Festival , NY (2015)

Book released by NParks on 14 Feb 2015


SBWR - this little-known area with stunning images of the migratory birds and other denizens of themangrove swamp. Vivid colours of the flora and fauna, More than 360 photographs captured through various times of the day starting in the pre-dawn hours, bring a seemingly dull mangrove habitat to life.

Singapore's Splendour - Life on the Edge wins GOLD

Intertidal life in its full glory. Another of the must have books for the year 2007. 5 years in the making, more than 120 trips in the wee hours of the morning.
Coffee-table book 27.5 cm x 25.5 cm; 184 pages and 495 images !!!
Centre gatefold of 4 pages with double page spread of satellite image of Singapore. Book jacket gloss lamination with UV spot varnish on title and spot varnish on all images. Never in your wildest dreams would you imagine seeing this in concretized Singapore!

Winner of "Honorable Mention" in Independent Publisher's Book Awards 2005, NY

Borneo's Tropical Eden - Sabah A must buy for nature lovers and students for this colourful book with exquisitely shotimages, compendious captions and the engrossing text that offers a refreshing look at Sabah's beautiful natural wonders and guides one to uncover theverdant flora and fauna; many are found no where else in the world. This latest work is the resultof the author's dogged perserverance and passion of the wild (256 pages; 244 x 300 mm).SOLD OUT.

Limited Copies!
Chek Jawa - Discovering Singapore's Biodiversity

First ever book to surface from the depths of CJ. Emotively written and with images unfurled like paintings from the canvas, the story of CJ will surely touch your hearts. It also chronicles the struggles from the brink of complete devastation (116 pages; 250 x 225 mm)
Pulau Ubin - Ours to Treasure
Only coffee-table book on an island. Lots of photographs and with an insight on its historical background, cultural and natural heritage. It begs the reader to treasure the only island left that still supports an abundant wildlife in concretized Singapore (140 pages; 264 x 242 mm). 3rd Reprint

Nature in Singapore-Ours to Protect SOLD OUT!
An eye-opener, this book boasts of the works of many nature photographers and exhibits the rare natural gems seldom seen by the public. First book by Dr Chua and it won the National Book Development Council Award. Published by NSS.

CJ Guide Book by Ria Tan & Alan Yeo (Exquisitely captured and designed, this guidebook is a must for all who care about what CJ has to offer. A useful reference companion for volunter guides and those interested in natural history 219 pages; 124 x 174 mm) SOLD OUT!


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