Speech by Dr Chua Ee Kiam, Author of “Borneo Tropical Eden – Sabah”

Yang Amat Berhormat Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Musa Haji Aman
Yang Berhormat Datuk Hj Johar Mahiruddin, Speaker Dewan Undangan Negeri
Yang Berhormat Timbalan2 Ketua Menteri
Yang Berhormat Menteri2 Kabinet
Yang Berhormat Pembantu2 Menteri
Yang Berhormat Ahli2 Parliamen
Yang Berhormat Ahli2 dewan Undangan Negeri
Yang Berbahagia Datuk Adeline Leong, Presiden, MPS
Datuk2, Datin2
Ketua2 Jabatan Negeri dan Persekutuan
Tuan2 dan Puan2 yang di hormati sekalian

I wish to thank the Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Musa Haji Aman for gracing this book launch. I am also thankful to Datuk Nasir Yeo for his support and for sponsoring this event.

I thank my two wonderful friends, Billy and King Li who persevered through with this book project. My wife, Amy who made the vision possible and my children who often asked where their father was going again.

When I started the book 10 years ago I did not know when it will ever end. Today marks the day that we completed the book but it seems like we have just started. My memories of Sabah has always been pleasant and there was never a dull moment. This book is the culmination of that wonderful and brief sojourn.

I wanted this book to be different from the rest. I want this book to touch the hearts of all Sabahans. This book is your voice. As Sabahan Malaysians, be proud of their unique natural heritage and you can tell the world that they kept all these for the world to see. This book is a tribute to all Malaysians in Sabah. Profits from the proceeds of the book will go to nature conservation in Sabah.

I wish to thank Albert Norman who initiated the vision. I am thankful for the support extended by the Wildlife Department and Sabah Parks. There were many who helped me along the way and for which I remain eternally grateful.

Finally I wish to thank all of you who are here despite you busy schedules to come and celebrate with us. Ladies and gentleman, the AV show is next, please do not blink for before you know it, the show will be over.

Happy 47th National Day- “SABAH BOLEH, SANDAKAN PUN BOLEH!

Terima Kasih, Kotohuadan, Thank you

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