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I. Australia, Melbourne and Tasmania 2022

The family ventured Down Under once the flood gates were open. Autumn there can be rather chilly (7-15 degrees) esp. winds are stronger during this period.  On the first day at Melbourne we went to the Australian Garden in Cranbourne East for our introduction to Banksias and some common birds)

Our Route

Melbourne – Hobart – Strahan (via Mt Fields)- Cradle Mountains – Launceston – 2nd largest town after Hobart (via Stanley and Sheffield) – Bays of Fire (via Tamar Valley) – Coles Bay (Lunch – Freycinet Marine Farm; Dinner – Bay restaurant also at Freycinet; 2 main meal highlights)

Mount Fields National Park (Horsebend, Russel and Nelson Falls)

World Heritage Cruise at Strahan – not particularly pleasing for photography

We had a few surprises. Wombats (parent and child) were casually walking past us at the car park at Cradle Mountain. Cradle Mountain is only meant for serious hikers and so we were naturally deflated (rain and endless trekking). True blue photographers can give trekking the Cradle mountains a miss. However, we were pleased with the Devil’s sanctuary (at the foot of Cradle Mountains) where we had good views of the ferocious Tasmanian Devils and the Qoulls. Staying at a lodge (Lemonthyme Wilderness Retreat – quite a long drive in), we were treated by the presence of Pademelons (never heard of them before) who were waiting for the nightly handouts of left-overs / discards from the kitchen.

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