Taiwan – A Feast


On our trip in February 2019, our main purpose was to capture the dazzling lantern festival and glittering fireworks.  Along the way, we were captivated by the vast array of gastronomic delights that make up Taiwan.  If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Taiwan has absolutely scored high on that!

Right: A dinner tray of Aboriginal food for one pax!!
Included are the original home-made sausages
and leaf wrapped millet with meat. We were stuffed!

A variety of indigenous Hakka food in Kaoshuing, all using natural and fresh vegetables.

The Hakka is Taiwan’s 2nd largest ethnic group. In 2017, Hakka is made an official language of Taiwan. Their food includes peanut tofu, egg “chye poh”, braised pork belly and lots of local leafy greens.

Vegetarian meal at Fo Guang Shan Museum
To our surprise, vegetarian food is indeed a feast of the senses!

Vegetarian meal at Fo Guang Shan Museum

Dinner at the salt field. At Beimen district, one can tuck in on yummy seafood! And view the glorious sunset at the salt fields after that. The meal consists of the famous mouth-watering oyster mee sua, local home-made sausage, lufa vegetable with clams, fish strip soup, fried sole fish and prawns.

The waters surrounding Taiwan are home to a very diverse marine life. And not surprisingly, it is seafood galore in Taiwan. Their fried rice is often topped up with a generous spread of dried shrimps.

They use plants grown in their garden in the food preparation and their meals consist of a table spread of gastronomical delights. We could choose our own vegetables at Sama Canteen, Wutai and Pingtung.

Rukai tribe (Kabelelradhane Tribe) is one of the 13 tribes in Taiwan. They are  known as Tsarisen, which means “people living in the mountain”.

What is a trip to Taiwan without a good cup of bubble tea!