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Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today – James Dean

Spectacular images of wildlife in concretized Singapore? Moments of Wonder will dispel your doubts; for this book is suffused with many wildlife moments that are captured by our local naturalist photographer par excellence, Dr Chua Ee Kiam, who has brought us his many award winning books on nature. This opus represents the culmination of Dr Chua’s decades of walking the grounds of our fair city and its island and his innate love of nature and wildlife. It is a labour of love with well over 500 images curated never before seen picture-perfect images in over 200 pages to titillate your senses and wonderment.

With his sedulous attention to nature, Dr Chua weaves his creativity by syncretizing the many wildlife moments into a unique book. He hopes to convey through his photography the preciousness of nature and to impress upon people the need to protect and conserve what we still have; for we may be in danger of losing sight of our precious natural treasures


In saving nature, we save ourselves for more years to come.

For most of his life, Dr Chua Ee Kiam has channeled his passion into observing and documenting the wonders of nature through photography. Starting from the pre-digital era, he spent many weekends doggedly capturing nature so that others can also appreciate what it nature has to offer.

While digital media and advances in technology have greatly aided what can be captured, it is still up to the human to find, compose and shoot that perfect image. It requires skill – in his case, honed over the years – and endless patience. Dr Chua has curated eight books on biodiversity spanning from 1994 – 2016. His favourite, Rainforest in a City garnered four awards. This ninth book, Moments of Wonder epitomizes the celebration of harmony with nature.

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