Wild Encounters in SINGAPORE

Flying Lemur

A good place to spot the flying lemur is at the BTNR or the forests of the Central Catchment

Striped Kukri

Night Photography

Super Macro

(All taken in Singapore with Nikon system) and custom-built flash hood

Birds of Punggol

Unhabitated areas like the grasslands in Singapore attract wildlife. A common bird, the King Quail is seldom seen as the thick undergrowths are its sanctuary. It is usually seen only when it is caught in nets set up during research efforts. The Barred Button Quail (BBQ) is another such bird. Punggol Barat is a grassland site under threat.

Pin-Tailed Whydah (An exotic)

About 4 families have been making its home here since 3 years ago but the site will soon be gone as plans are underway to build the new airport terminal. Soon, will be grasslands no more.

Baby Boon

April to July- a number birds are nesting in ours parks and forests. The Copper-throated SB, the Gray-rumped Treeswift, Red-crowned Barbet, Collared Kingfisher, Coppersmith Barbet, Dollarbird and White-bellied Sea -eagle; just to name some.