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June 2022 at SBWR. Rarely seen, the Ruby-Cheeked Sunbird was bulding its nest, only to be upstaged by the Brown-throated Sunbird as its nest was somewhat nearby.

April 2022

Dollar Bird at Hampstead

Dec 2021


Another rarity – The Amur Falcon at Lorong Halus. Flying high and catches insects on flight – only made me realize that there are numerous flying insects high beyond the canopy.



The resident CG is thriving well. Food supply is abundant and within easy reach. A few families of chickens in our parks ensures its family survival.

CG in flight

Juvenile Crested Goshawk

Skinks, rats and chickens are easily within reach


White-throated Kf diving for fish

April 2018 – SBWR

Copper-throated Sunbird – found exclusively in mangrove habitats, nests are built low and on flexible branches and away from prying eyes/ predators. Often seen as a black bird, the copper tone only appears when light is shone on its neck.

2011-2015 The popular Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher at Bidadari



1986 – MNS proposed for preservation of Sungei Buloh (already ear-marked for agricultural activities
1990 – Park proposal approved (only 87 hectares). Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, UK invited
6 Dec 1993 – SB Nature Park opened
2002 – gazetted as Nature Reserve (expanded to 130 hectares)
2002 – renamed SB Wetland Reserve
2003 – declared Asean Heritage Park

Paradise tree Snake, Copper-throated Sunbird, Painted Stork

Buffy Fish Owl (Juvenile and adult), Mangrove Pit Viper

Croc, Painted and Milky Stork

fighting Water Monitors and Plantain Squirrel

Sunrise view of Eagle Point, Fruit bats and water monitor.

White-bellied Sea Eagle, Copper-throated Sunbird and Intermediate? Egret with fish

Fantail , Baya weavers and Waxbill

Sun Skink, Shield Bug, Crimson Sunbird

Grey Heron, Autumn colours, Woody climber, Uvaria hirsuta

Smooth-clawed Otter and Collared Kf

Golden-web Spider, Long-tailed Nightjar and Lesser Adjutant


At the jetty , entrance to Pulau Ubin

Tanjong Chek Jawa

Welcome to Pulau Ubin

The stage comes alive on Vesak Day festivities

Three temples. The murals on the walkway depicting the Eight Immortals at the main Tua Pek Kong Temple (after the basketball court, near Pekan Quarry). Melissa at Wei Tuo Fa Gong temple (on a hillock, western Ubin at Endut Senin). The pink temple (Monkey God temple) is almost unseen and it sits near the entrance to Ubin jetty atop a hillock.

German Girl Shrine (the temple has been relocated but looked nothing like the past and the myth continues) and majestic view of Quarry Lake

The iconic Pulai tree near Chek Jawa – believed to be more than 100 years old. The denuded Ubin rock the was depicted in the Thomson painting. Wild boars thrive on the island.

House No. 1- the British Bungalow, Mud-flats of Chek Jawa, View from Puaka Hill

Cotton Bud Stainers, Fresh water Pond and Frog Island

The iconic kampung house in Kampong Melayu but now it looked nothing like this.

Bin Kiang school was sited towards the right of the basketball court. Built in 1952, it was closed in 1985 and demolished in 2000. The murals at town centre and the standard class photo of the school


The last remaining freshwater swamp forest is located at the Central Catchment Nature Reserve near Seletar Reservoir. This unique habitat supports a diversity of wildlife – including the endemic Swamp forest Crab, Green Tree Snail. Only 87 hectares, this rich fragmented forest is further strained by the construction of the adjacent Circle Line. The pipeline that conveys water supply from Johor to Singapore often leaks adding a continual source of water to the forest.

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