Thailand – Doi Lang

Doi Lang (ChiangMai March 2013) – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

We were slightly late for our visit to Doi Lang, for many of the migratory birds had flown back. Nevertheless we counted on our guide’s recommendations. We stayed at the town of Fang (which was about 45 minutes to the mountains) and rooms were between 400-600 Bahts. Temperatures were between 16-35 degrees C. Weather was so dry that forest fires were seen in a few patches especially on the mountain roads; actively scorching the earth. We saw a black Lizard and were not sure if the blackened surroundings had anything to do with its colouration. A perpetual haze enveloped the mountains and the road straddles between 2 valleys of Thailand and Myanmyar. The highlight of the trip was the presence of 2 families of Hodgson’s Frogmouth. But the huge sandflies were a constant irritation and they landed on any exposed skin surface and we could not escape the nasty bites.

Spot-breasted Parrotbill, Large Niltava, Rusty-naped Pitta

Black-backed Forktail, Ultramarine Flycatcher, Hume Pheasant

Mrs Gould Sunbird, –, Green-tailed Sunbird

Bamboo Partridge, Blue Whistling Thrush, —

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