Nature in Singapore

Superb Starling in Singapore

Barred Eagle-Owl

Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker

A pair of chicks successfully fledged (17 March 2012) at Pasir Ris Park despite the excessive paparazzi presence

Whiskered Tree Swift

The Whiskered Treeswift (Hemiprocne comata) is a forest bird; often found perched in branches high in trees. Males have the chestnut ear coverts.

BOTTOM- Gray-rumped Treeswifts


Bee-eaters are attractive birds that catches insects in flights. They usually form colonies and nest in burrows on embankments by the rivers or the side of roads.

Blue-winged and Mangrove Pitta

Both the pittas were found at the Pasir Ris Park . For the untrained eye, both birds do appear alike. The BWP shows more blue on its wings and the brown patch behind the eye of the MP extends further back and larger in area. The beak of the MP is also longer.

Kingfishers of Singapore

The large Stork-billed Kingfisher has an enormous bill and is most impressive. The diminutive Common Kingfisher migrates to Singapore during the months of August to April. The Collared Kingfisher is common and is the most aggressive; often chasing birds from their nesting sites or even taking over their nesting sites. The White-throated or White-breasted Kingfisher is also common. The Blue-eared Kingfisher is a forested bird and is uncommon here.

Amorphallus Titanium


This Aroid is found in Sumatra, Indonesia and its inflorescence can grow up to 3m in length! The inflorescence is set to fully flower any day now; exposing its burgundy purple flowers and releasing it “rotting flesh” stench. Currently it looks like a super long cabbage. This plant was planted in 2006 using corm/yam obtained from Huntington Gardens, California. Latest: flower opened on 5 Dec and smelt terribly!