Thailand – Doi Ang Kang

Doi Ang Kang (Elevation 1300mm) March 2013

The Doi Ang Khang nature area (Chiangmai province) is about 45 minutes from the town of Fang (our base hotel). The highland is a popular resort for local tourists during the cold winter months. The road the resort has 3 hairpin turns and steep inclines that prohibits one stopping ones vehicle for photography for fear one’s car may not have the inertia to ascent again. The park is incredibly beautiful with its gardens and entrance fee is 50 Bahts for locals and 200 Bahts for farangs. It is worth spending a few days at this resort to luxuriate in the garden and enjoy the company of birds (no sandflies unlike Doi Lang). Due to its proximity with Myanmar, it is manned by a military outpost. Strawberries were tiny but very sweet and a large pack only cost 20 Bahts. The restaurant provides delectable meals at low prices and one can get one’s coffee fix at the cafe. The area is part of the Royal project to help the hill tribes and hence prices are kept affordable.

On the way back to Fang, there were wild celebrations in the town where everyone was feasting and drinking amidst the music that was blasted from the huge array of speakers placed on trucks.