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Flying Sleeves – The Grandeur of Chinese Opera

Author: Dr Chua Ee Kiam
Publisher: Simply Green
Designer: Dr Chua Ee Kiam & SC International Pte Ltd
Printer: Sang Choy International Pte Ltd
Date released: 08/08/2018

Synopsis – This delightful curation of Chinese opera genres showcases the rich Chinese heritage in Singapore. Chinese opera was named a preserved art form by UNESCO in 2001. These opera performances (by both local and foreign troupes) in Singapore were photographed over a 12 year period. The camera follows the performances on the streets or at community halls, temples sites or concert halls. It reveals a vibrant yet a dying art.

Flying Sleeves, the Grandeur of Chinese Opera – documents this effervescent performance art through 200 pages, suffused with about 350 breath-taking images.


(LEFT) Finalist for Coffee-table Book / Photography, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, USA; 2019.
(RIGHT) Silver Medal in Performance Arts category, Independent Publishers, 2019

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