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Regrets & Rejoicing on July 29 2023 at Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre. Celebrating Singapore’s National Day with Cantonese Opera Classics

“Regrets in Shen Garden” . A chance meeting between two ex-spouses evoked many poignant memories . A scintillating performance by local star Tina Wong and award-winning Li Jun Sheng from China.

“Monkey King Snatches Treasure of Heaven”. Monkey King Sun Wu Kong showing his unhappiness and outwits Er Lang Shen

“Battling the Typhoon”. Malissa Lim her signature guzheng performance about the hardship of the port workers in extreme weather conditions.

Christopher Choo and May Choong backstage

“Grabbing the Flute” is a hilarious piece by veteran star Christopher Choo and his student May Choong.

“Princess Dai Zhan”. Wen Hui and Yang Chong Ming kept us glued to our seats with their dazzling martial arts skill. They are both from China.

“Ode to Thunder” – a fitting finale for the night performance by Tina Wong and Li Jun Sheng. The love of a dying concubine and the Emperor is a sad end to an awesome event.

(to be continued)

Orchestra members

Choral group – Male voices

Female voices

The Musicians behind the scene – rehearsal

Members of the Tung On Opera Orchestra

Goddess of Luo Feb 2023
A long-awaited opera performance at Drama Centre. Rivalry between the brother (Emperor) and his brother over the same woman (the Empress) almost had a disastrous fall-out between them. Their reconcilation led to the only possible outcome – the suicide of the Empress.

After her suicide, the Empress could only reflect on the possible bliss.

Emperor suspected wife of seeing his brother. Empress was forced to pen a letter to her lover asking him to return to the palace. The trap was set.

The conniving Emperor and getting advice on how to rid-off hie rival. The brother and wife.

The brother’s wife; The Empress – torn between two lovers.


The Cast; May Ho and Wong Kok Onn (War & Romance – Hunting and Romancing); Comperes Ellen & Ben

Stella and Mei Yen (Everlasting Friendship)

See Too and Frances (The Witty Scholar)

Gary and Mei Chung (Illusive Dream)

Ian and Mei Ling (Farewell to a Warrior – A Melancholic Send-off)


Show Time

Never a dull moment at the Opera. Welcome to the Surreal World of Chinese Opera which unfortunately is a dying art in Singapore. Watch The Brilliant Colours and the Dynamisms – The Flash of Sleeves, The Flutter of the Feather on the Headgear, The Changing Face (Within a Blink), The Clash of Spears and Swords and The Gravity-Defying Acrobatics; All elements of the The Spell- Binding Opera Performance


A Sampling of Book Pages

Book Launch Location


Guest of Honour for the launch of Flying Sleeves was Dr Lily Neo. Ian did a sword display performance. Mui Eng and Randy expressed their undying love in Ëxcerpts from “The Flower Princess”. $20,000 from the potential proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to the Kreta Ayer Foundation.


Reception of Drs
Drs Adabelle, Emily, Grace, Jessica, Matthew, Joyce
Alfred Poon

Dr Lily Neo and Joanna Wong with the entourage