Chongkat, Ulu Langat

Sept 2022

Ulu Langat / Chongkat is a mere 4-5 hours drive from Singapore. After seeing so many images of the Blue-banded Kingfisher from fellow photographers on the internet, I knew I had to go, after missing many opportunities in Land of Smiles. The day before it was a no show and that dampened our spirits a little. The tiny flowing stream was packed with goodies and so its hard for the BBKf not to notice. Other birds too came to provide hope that the BBKf will appear. The splendid Rufous-backed Kf kept the suspense. Some babblers were moving in and out to provide some entertainment as I was getting drowsy. The midnight journey began to take its toll. Numerous fat skinks were jostling for food. Finally when it came, I realised it was not a puny bird. Canned milos were passed around to celebrate. Magnum ice-creams can wait.

Male and female Blue Banded Kingfisher

Rufous backed Kf with frog, female BBKf with fish and Rusty breasted Cuckoo

Black-headed Babbler, White-throated Babbler and the Skink

Rufous backed Kf

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