After many years of photographing nature, a number of themes can be curated from my collection. Capturing the animal’s intimate and rare mating moments comes with spending many hours on the field and also the element of luck is essential.

The most rare glimpse is the mating porcupines – they win the Most Pricky Moment Award. As for Plantain Squirrels and Otters, I only have their singular mating moments although I should see it more often as these creatures are common.

The Long-tailed Macaques wins the Most Horny Award (they mate so frequently). Water Monitors are often seen fighting most of the time. A mating moment is also unusual. Pig-tailed Macaques also mate regularly but I usually miss it as I look for other creatures instead of spending time with them when overseas.

Crabs do it facing each other and on top of each other. Hermits crabs need to approximate their shells for the special moments as they are vulnerable if the soft body parts are exposed.

Moths, beetles and crickets often mate in the darkness; only to be interrupted by the photographer’s torchlights.

Stick insects, flies and cotton-bud stainers in one of the most natural of acts.

It is not unusual for amphibians to have orgies. Males vie for position to mate with the poor female. Horseshoe crabs can also doing it when fully covered with mud. (Mud was excavated by beachcombers who intended to view them in greater detail).

Artic Terns (Iceland), White-bellied Sea Eagles and Red-necked Phalarope (Iceland)

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