Noted for their cryptic camouflage, frogmouths are often difficult to spot unless they are nesting. This is when they can observed with greater regularity. Its huge gape resembles that of a frog, hence the name. Of the 14 frogmouths available, only five so far have been documented by me. Its been noted that the male incubates the eggs in the day and the female at night.

Gould’s frogmouthBatrachostomus stellatus
Hodgson’s frogmouthBatrachostomus hodgsoni
Blyth’s frogmouthBatrachostomus affinis
Tawny frogmouthPodargus strigoides
Large frogmouthBatrachostomus auritus

Hodgson’s Frogmouth, Chiangmai, Thailand

Gould’s Frogmouth, Phuket, Thailand

Large Frogmouth, Lanchang, Malaysia

Tawny Frogmouth, Australia

Blyth’s Frogmouth, Raub, Malaysia

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