Always a delight to photograph this migrating bird. Tiny and colourful, this kingfisher has endeared itself to many photographers. However, some sucumbed to injuries due to accidents (crashing to buildings) and some to being attacked by teritorial birds. The survivors are the only ones we are fortunate to see.

Bidadari was the most well patronised location whenever this kingfisher was in town. But alas, it had to give way to housing. An annual spectacle and it was seen elsewhere too in Hindhede NP, SBG, Garden by the Bay and Windsor NP.


Usually the BBKf only stays for a week or so, but the habitat at Windsor NP is flush with insects, amphibians and fish and hence it made sense to pamper itself to the feast for a much longer period – a boon for all photographers. In fact, my best shots were taken there.

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