JAN 2023

The migratory Common King as seen at Jurong Ecogarden

Banded Woodpecker (Hampstead), Changeable Hawk Eagle (Seletar) and Magpie Robin (Jurong Lake Gardens)

Another Blue-winged Pitta is sighted at Jurong Lake Gardens

Two pairs of Lesser Whistling Ducks doing their thing at Duck Lake. Always more drama when the two groups cross each other. Baker Street

The Buffy Fish Owl family is getting on fine. The owlet is seen jumping around and making short flights. And they will all suddenly disappear from view until the next generation of chick(s). Hampstead Gardens.

Another Pitta in our midst. The Blue-winged Pitta made its presence in another heartlands (instead of our forests). Once it was up the tree at 9.30am and came down looking for food only after 5.30pm. For some, the long wait was a test of perservereance. Bedok Reservoir Blk 645

Update on family of SWOs. Am told that this owlet fell to the ground 4x. Thank goodness for the kind-hearted folks at Pasir Ris, the owlet has a chance to grow up among its parents. Robust and clumsy, singular branches pose problems for its stability.

Hooded Pitta at HDB estate. For a few years, quite a number of HPs managed to find food in the housing estates (Jurong East St 21). It usually arrives to our tiny island, unkempt and hungry. This fella has done well; storing enough of reserves to fly back soon

The Hooded Pitta caught a small centipede; Standing tall for a better view; grooming time.

The Blue-eared Kingfisher is a rare resident. Males have the all black bill and females have a reddish lower bill. Dairy Farm Nature Park

Spotted Wood Owlet still figuring out how to stay on the branch – it fell three times to the ground and needed help. Every year its the same problem at Pasir Ris Park.

The introduced Lineated Barbet is thriving well here. Hampstead Gardens


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