Book on Sabah was published in 2004 but work on the project started 10 years earlier, ie 1994. It was spearheaded by Albert Norman and approved by the Dato Musa Aman, the then Chief Minister of Sabah. Mount Kinabalu holds the record for the highest peak in Southeast Asia. Sabah is also home for the world’s largest pitcher, the Nepenthes rajah.

Nepenthes vietchi, N rajah, N trusmadiensis

Home to 42 ethnic groups, its cultural biodiversity is just as rich as its biodiversity.

Flo with robber Crab in Sipadan and with a mouth organ, the Sompoton (made of gourd and bamboo pipes)

Sunset at Kudat

Orang-utan -“Man of the forest” at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

I was accompanied by two other photographers, Li King Li and the late Billy Kon. Flying Dragon, Green crested Lizard and Comb-crested Agamid

Green Turtle at Selingan. Its eggs are considered a delicacy and are often poached.

Turtle Hatchery at Selingan Island, Megapode and Nicobar Pigeon

Kinabatangan, Mt Kinabalu (Land Above the Clouds), Peat forests of the Klias Peninsula.

Jewel Orchid (Cirrhopetalum sp.), Hoya Imperialis, Cirrhopetalum mastersianum

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